High Pressure Portable Fire Pump -Make-AFS
Diesel powered fire fighting pump is one of the lightest & most efficient portable fire fighting pump available in its class today.
It can be stowed in the equipment lockers of fire tenders very easily.
Besides fire fighting; pump can be used for the applications like dewatering, booster tank filling, washing, and etc.
Light weight aluminum alloy components of pump are further heat treated & hard anodized for increased strength & life.
The pump has a strong wrap around steel cradle with four collapsible handles.
Priming System - Exhaust Ejector type. Capable of priming up to 7 meter suction height.

Engine:- Lombardini make, single cylinder 2/4 stroke

Engine Power :- upto 40 HP

LPM – 1100-1600

Fuel :- Diesel/Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity:- 11 Liters

Recommended Engine Oil : – CI 4 or CF 4 15W40

Engine Oil Capacity :- 1.5 Liters

Maximum Allowable inclination :- 25 O

Weight (dry) :- Not exceeding 85 kg with only recoil type rope start. Not exceeding 85 kg with Recoil type rope start, electric start & battery

Recommended Battery :- 12 volts & 35 Ampere ( if PLT type battery used then 12 Volts & 20 Ampere is sufficient)