Smoke/Fume Exhauster Fan (AFS)

AFS smoke/fume exhauster is useful to those who are bound to provide good ventilation, especially the agencies like fire brigades and emergency organizations who are involved in rescue operations. AFS smoke/fume exhauster ventilator has been developed for multifunctional applications such as smoke extraction, degassing, fume disposal, dust extraction, and ventilation.


* Increased worksite safety with Hi-Viz color webbing
* Easier vertical adjustability that stays in place
* Slip resistant back D-ring pad and forward positioned side D-rings, keeping your tool bags in the right place
* Oversized ID tags provide quick and easy harness size identification
* Back strap increases safety by preventing roll out in the event of a fall
* Contractor harness has more comfort and better fit with lighter, strategically-placed padding that provides optimal airflow
* Rated for a 400-lbs. (181.4 kg) worker


* Feature
With a working capacity of 2.5m, the MI20 features an integral shock-absorber to reduce the impact force of a fall, and comes with two screw karabiners.
* Benefit
The lightest personal fall arrester on the market with a compact plastic housing and a rectractable webbing lifeline.