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Our Services

Being a firefighter is not the job of every man.

Our Services

  •   Maintenance Of Fire Fighting Equipments.

  •   Maintenance Of Breathing Equipments.

  •   Maintenance Of Safety Shower.

  •   Maintenance Of Road Safety Appliance.

  •   Refilling Of Empty Compressed Breathing Apparatus.

  •   Refilling Of Empty Fire Extinguisher.

  •    Training for use of fire safety appliances.

  •   Training for use of fall protection equipment.

  •   Training for use of appropriate safety appliances.

Our mission is to calm down the fire along with your increased panic level.

Quality Control

  • Contract Manufacturing Process
    • Buying Raw Materials From Genuine Dealers/Companies
      • Entire Lot Is Checked
        • Design & Patterns Are Checked As Per Drawing
          • Finished Products Are Checked
            • Proper Method Are Implemented For safe Delivery
  • Trading Items
    • New Arrival Of Purchase Item Checked
      • Selected As Per Customer Order
        • Proper Inspection Are Done For Selected Item
          • Selected Item Properly Packed For Safe delivery


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